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Linsten Morris Young Gun Family Duo Julian and Elizabeth Cullen are set to star in the upcoming TV Series ‘THE BUREAU OF MAGICAL THINGS’, a new
20-part series that started filming in Queensland.

The siblings Elizabeth Cullen and Julian Cullen, grew up in Cairns before moving to the Gold Coast, along with fellow actors Mia Milnes, Rainbow Wedell and Jamie Carter. The Bureau of Magical Things follows the adventures of Kyra, a regular teenage girl who discovers a secret world of magic all around her and who must unite fairies, elves and humans to save them all.

The series will film from July to December this year on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, creating more than 200 cast and crew jobs which is expected to inject more than $8.5 million into the local economy. The previous productions from the same producer include, Mako: Island of Secrets and H20: Just Add Water. The franchises, have sold to more than 170 countries, with the first series of Mako Mermaids reaching an estimated 150 million worldwide viewers.

The Bureau of Magical Things is supported with investment from Screen Australia and Screen Queensland. It is presold to Network Ten Australia and ZDF Germany and distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises. The series is supported by Gold Coast City Council Film Attraction Program and was developed with support from Film Victoria.

We can’t wait to follow the careers of these two exceptionally talented young Actors!



Bill Thompson’s ‘MIRO’ Nominated in the 7TH Annual AACTA Awards.

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) has today revealed the first nominees for the 7th AACTA Awards. Nominees were announced in two categories: Best Short Fiction Film and Best Short Animation.

MIRO Directed by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre and starring Linsten Morris Actor Bill Thompson has been nominated for ‘BEST SHORT FICTION FILM’.

MIRO is a World War II Aboriginal western starring other AACTA award-nominated actors Mark Coles Smith (Last Cab to Darwin) and Aaron McGrath (Jasper Jones), whilst also bringing a second nomination to writer and director Victoria Wharfe McIntyre. She was previously nominated in this category for The Telegram Man.

A full list of nominees can be found below. The rest of the nominees will be announced later this year, with winners announced at a gala ceremony in December.

Go Bill!



  • THE ELEVEN O’CLOCK Derin Seale, Josh Lawson, Karen Bryson
  • MIRO Victoria Wharfe McIntyre, Fran Dobbie, Amadeo Marquez-Perez
  • MRS MCCUTCHEON John Sheedy, Andre Lima, Jenny Vila
  • SLAPPER Luci Shroder, Jason Byrne, Michael Latham, Stephanie Westwood

‘What If It Works’ World Premiere at 2017 Cinequest Film Festival

Writer-director Romi Trower’s debut feature What If It Works? is set to make its world premiere at the 2017 Cinequest Film and VR Festival in San Jose next month.
What If It Works? is inspired by Trower’s own family history. It stars Linsten Morris darling Brooke Satchwell, as well as Luke Ford (Animal Kingdom, The Black Balloon, Red Dog) as Adrian, an irrepressibly chirpy tech nerd who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He connects with his new neighbour, Grace (Anna Samson, Skylight, Birdland; The Leftovers), a street artist with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
“My interest in telling this story is born of my personal experiences,” said Trower. “My older brother has a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and my aunt is a psychiatrist who specialises in Dissociative Identity Disorder, whose career sparked my fascination with this disorder.”
“Over many years, this has deepened as I’ve had the privilege of getting to know individuals with DID and attending their therapy sessions. With What If It Works?, I wanted to share some of their stories, with kindness and honesty.”
The film, which was produced by Tristram Miall (Strictly Ballroom, The Black Balloon), will screen in Cinquest’s ‘New Vision’ section, which showcases films that look to the future.
An Australian release is set for late 2017.

Kestie Morassi stars in ‘Home and Away’ Debut

FOR the first time in 17 years, a new nuclear family will join the long running Australian soap Home and Away. The Astoni family will be played by Linsten Morris crowd favourite Kestie Morassi alongside Rohan Nichol as mum and dad, and Sophie Dillman and Anna Cocquerel, as their daughters.

Kestie, who has starred in both film and television for the past 23 years, said it took a while to get used to the fast paced scripts of Home and Away.

“It was definitely a shock to the system, I’m mostly used to working on film, where you have a lot more time for rehearsals. “With film you are shooting maybe three minutes a day, whereas here, you are shooting almost an episode a day. “It is fast, and the work is constant. “But I love it.

Morassi said everyone on the set of Home and Away, which is filmed in Sydney, had been very welcoming. This includes the cast member who has been there the longest – Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart. “What a sweetheart, he is everything you would hope he would be,” Morassi said. “He is so warm. “He would have seen it all, he has been on it for so long. “He is such a grounded person as well.”

You can catch Kestie and the rest of the Astoni family weeknights on 7.


Linsten Morris

Tom Burlinson to star alongside Orchestra

Linsten Morris Star Tom Burlinson and his fabulous co-star Melinda Schneider are currently onstage touring in the production Young at Heart. A nostalgic evening of song and music, celebrating two of the greatest music legends of our time, Frank Sinatra and Doris Day.

Young at Heart is inspired by the hugely successful collaboration of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars who took the world by storm in 1955 with the box-office hit movie Young at Heart, and a top-selling soundtrack album of the same name.

A determination to faithfully recreate the lush orchestral arrangements of that era has seen some of Australia’s very best musicians brought together under the stewardship of musical director Michael Harding to form the Young at Heart Orchestra who will perform with Tom and Melinda.

Tom is known for his starring roles in the classic Australian movies The Man from Snowy River and Phar Lap, as well as his numerous TV appearances over the years. In 1991 Tom was chosen by Tina Sinatra to sing the voice of her father in the Golden Globe Award-winning mini series Sinatra. This led to a whole new musical development in his career. He created his own show in celebration of the great man, Frank- A Life in Song, which became hugely successful all around Australia, and also travelled to Toronto, Canada.

Tickets are available on the website http://www.frankanddoris.com.au don’t miss out!





Gig Clarke Stars in Athenaeum Theatre production of ‘The Haunting’

Linsten Morris Actor Gig Clarke is set to star in a gripping Melbourne theater production adapted from the ghost stories of Charles Dickens. Athenaeum Theatres ‘The Haunting’ takes place in In an ancient mansion in remote England, sheltering from the howling winds that tear across the surrounding desolate moorland, two men stumble across a dark and terrifying secret that will change their lives forever. When a young book dealer who is employed to catalogue an impressive library finds an incredible array of rare and antiquated books and a series of strange and unexplained events.

Starring alongside Gig is stage legend Cameron Daddo, who will be returning to Melbourne from LA this June.

For more details and ticket enquiries head to Ticketek below:



Madeleine Jevic to star in Hamish and Andy series ‘True Story’.

‘True Story’ with Hamish and Andy sees the comedy due return to TV screens on Channel 9, as they select their favourite audience submitted stories and re-enact them with well known Australian actors and comedians. Our very own Madeleine Jevic who is well versed in Aussie comedy having played the hilarious Brianna in ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan will appear in an upcoming episode of what will me must watch television.

In an original format that somewhat resembles the US comedy hit Drunk History, the show sees Hamish & Andy, emblazoned in velvet, sit down with a bunch of everyday Aussies who willingly share their most epic chin-wag. In each 30-minute episode (there are currently ten of them), a story is recreated by a host of well-known and less-known actors and comedians, from Glenn Robbins to Kitty Flanagan.Each episode was filmed over a period of two to four days, with a huge crew of up to 700 actors and extras involved. “You’re moving between the studio interview and the reenactment that hopefully should mesh into one. We want you to get lost in these stories,” Lee said. Take episode four. Blake and Lee meet Emidio, a 34-year-old primary school teacher. Back in his first year of teaching, a fresh-faced, 21-year-old Emidio came face-to-face with Damien, an 11-year old budding entrepreneur, who built an underground system to get out of writing lines. NINE Here’s Shelton playing Emidio (plus a few other friendly faces). It was a scam of epic proportions — and one hilariously lived out by

Each episode was filmed over a period of two to four days, with a huge crew of up to 700 actors and extras involved. True Story is premiering on Monday June 5th on the Nine Network at 7:30pm.

The Doctor is back for Season 2!

The Doctor is back in town in 2017. With an average of more than 1.8 million Aussies tuning in each week, Linsten Morris Stars Belinda Bromilow & Vanessa Buckley are set to appear in Channel 9’s ‘Doctor Doctor’ and we can’t wait!

Nine’s Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “We are delighted with how Australian audiences have fallen in love with Doctor Doctor, an incredible cast and a story full of heart. We are looking forward to working with Essential Media & Entertainment on series two.”

Essential Media’s Ian Collie said he loved how the national audience had taken to Doctor Doctor. “It’s a show with heart and smarts and we’re thrilled that Nine are backing us to go again. Roll on season two!

Keep on rocking it Girls!



HaiHa Le & Zoe Bertram Star in ABC Series ‘Seven Types of Ambiguity’

Seven Types of Ambiguity, in other words, is seven types of terrific, with both HaiHa Le & Zoe Bertram Starring in this six-part Australian series. Like the book of the same name, ABC TV’s adaptation is divided into chapters told from the point of view of the different key players in the storyline. With Directors Glendyn Ivin, Ana Kokkinos and Matthew Saville, shooting two episodes each. The series is a psychological mystery that explores the complicated emotional terrain of relationships and the risks people will go to in the name of love.

ABC TV acting head of fiction, Alastair McKinnon said he was delighted to have such a strong Australian cast to bring Perlman’s dazzling novel to Australian audiences. Matchbox Pictures managing director, Chris Oliver-Taylor, said Matchbox Pictures was thrilled to be working alongside the ABC in adapting Perlman’s rich and complex novel. “Elliot’s intriguing characters make for a truly compelling drama,” he said.

Seven Types of Ambiguity lives up to its name by being packed full of various ambiguities, and the motivations of each character are rarely clear-cut. While there are elements of mystery scattered the whole way through, it’s clear that we’re never meant to understand the complete truth of these situations; instead, it’s more important that we understand the texture of this world, with its layers upon layers of ambiguity.

We are pencilling this in for our Saturday afternoon Binge watch!



A Warm to Welcome Linsten Morris Signings MEGAN SMART AND GEORGE PULLAR.

We are thrilled and delighted to introduce you to MEGAN SMART AND GEORGE PULLAR, the new, and incredibly talented additions to our Linsten Morris family.

MEGAN and George are both 2016 Acting Graduates from WAAPA. George has hit the ground running early this year shooting his ensemble TV Role in Foxtel’s upcoming series ‘Fighting Season’ which is a complex, character-driven drama about Australian soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win said: “Fighting Season has all the elements of a superb drama event, with exquisite scripts and a talented young cast, along with directors Kate Woods and Ben Lucas, Foxtel is looking forward to Goalpost delivering an amazing drama.

Megan Smart has also started with a bang this year, set to appear in the upcoming fourth season of ‘Love Child’. Smart, 23, is also appearing in the production ‘Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo’. The tiger was famously played by comedian Robin Williams in his final Broadway performance. In a new production which opened this week at the Old Fiz Theatre in Woolloomooloo, Smart plays both a murdered teenager and a prostitute. Set in the Iraq war, the play centers around two American marines and an Iraqi translator who encounter a tiger haunting the streets of Baghdad.

We cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for these fantastic performers, Good Luck!