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Kestie Morassi stars in ‘Home and Away’ Debut

FOR the first time in 17 years, a new nuclear family will join the long running Australian soap Home and Away. The Astoni family will be played by Linsten Morris crowd favourite Kestie Morassi alongside Rohan Nichol as mum and dad, and Sophie Dillman and Anna Cocquerel, as their daughters.

Kestie, who has starred in both film and television for the past 23 years, said it took a while to get used to the fast paced scripts of Home and Away.

“It was definitely a shock to the system, I’m mostly used to working on film, where you have a lot more time for rehearsals. “With film you are shooting maybe three minutes a day, whereas here, you are shooting almost an episode a day. “It is fast, and the work is constant. “But I love it.

Morassi said everyone on the set of Home and Away, which is filmed in Sydney, had been very welcoming. This includes the cast member who has been there the longest – Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart. “What a sweetheart, he is everything you would hope he would be,” Morassi said. “He is so warm. “He would have seen it all, he has been on it for so long. “He is such a grounded person as well.”

You can catch Kestie and the rest of the Astoni family weeknights on 7.


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