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Linsten Management

‘Black is the New White’ starring Shari Sebbens Sydney Theatre Company Premiere

Sydney Morning Herald called it “A bustling, astute and questioning social comedy on identity politics”-  Nakkiah Lui’s play, Black is the New White starring Linsten Morris Management dynamo Shari Sebbens, premiered this week at The Sydney Theatre Company to Rave reviews.

The newly premiered production Directed by Paige Rattray, is an exploration of the diversity of Indigenous experiences. lead character Charlotte Gibson (Shari Sebbens) is a young Aboriginal lawyer and daughter of a notable Aboriginal activist and politician Ray (Tony Briggs). Ray and his shrewdly intelligent wife Joan (Melodie Reynolds-Diarra) have become very successful over the course of their lives and are now living the upper-middle class dream in relative luxury.

With a toe-tapping soundtrack and an array of brilliant, eccentric, loveable characters, don’t miss the opportunity to see this beguiling Australian story, get your tickets today, Go Shari!