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Australia Day to Open The Sydney Film Festival.

The Sydney Film Festival have just announced that the soon to be iconic film AUSTRALIA DAY, has been selected to open this year’s festival on Monday, June 12 at 8:40pm at the State Theatre, which will mark the world premiere the production.

AUSTRALIA DAY’s top-line cast is led by Australian acting legend Bryan Brown with Linsten Morris shining Star Shari Sebbens and soon to be super star! 14-year-old Miah Madden. Set in Brisbane, where the film was shot entirely, AUSTRALIA DAY takes place over 12 hours and interweaves the stories of three Australians from diverse backgrounds: those of April Tucker (Miah Madden), a 14-year-old Indigenous girl, Sami Ghaznavi (Elias Anton), a 17-year-old Persian boy, and Lan (Jenny Wu), a 19-year-old Chinese woman. Each alone, is terrified for their life… Taking place on our most controversial national holiday, AUSTRALIA DAY illuminates contemporary issues that simmer beneath the surface of modern Australia. And above all, this is a film with heart and hope where the choice to do the right thing does not come cheaply or easily.

This will be Foxtel’s first ever Feature Film, with Head of Drama Penny Win saying: “The feature film Australia Day is another bold first for our production slate. It is thrilling to be able to bring Foxtel’s passion and commitment to telling original and daring Australian stories to a different format with this thought-provoking and ultimately moving drama delivered by Hoodlum’s brilliant production team.”

Executive Producer Nathan Mayfield said: “We are so delighted to be premiering at Sydney Film Festival. The film takes audiences on a gripping ride through contemporary Australia and is set to ignite conversations about what it means to be Australian.” As well as AUSTRALIA DAY’s Sydney Film Festival world premiere at the State Theatre on June 12 at 8:40pm as part of the Special Presentations at the State strand, it will also screen at the Hayden Orpheum Cremorne on Wednesday, June 14 at 8:00pm. The Festival runs from June 7 to 18, 2017.

Following its Sydney Film Festival premiere, AUSTRALIA DAY will be released in cinemas later in 2017 before having its Australian television premiere on Foxtel.